515 Fitness is Helping to Break through the Mental Health Stigma

In a society that regularly dismisses the need for psychological and physical reevaluation, 515 Fitness brings these vital aspects to the forefront, challenging clients to not only improve themselves on a day-to-day basis but to also see the necessary link between a balanced psychological perspective and physical fitness. This method of training and analysis gives clients the tools to create and maintain a better lifestyle for themselves as well as others around them whom may lack such personal focus.

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The Stigma of Mental Health

Research suggests that the majority of people hold negative attitudes and stereotypes towards people with mental illness. From a young age children will refer to others as “crazy” or “weird”; these terms are used commonly throughout adulthood as well. Overall, increased awareness is probably one of the most important things that can be done to counteract these stereotypes.


How 515 Fitness is Breaking Through Those Stigmas

1. Name: Our name, 515 Fitness, does not have a direct reference to mental health therefore providing privacy and empowerment to individuals who walk through our doors.

2. Look of building: Our various locations have a feel of comfort and uniqueness.

3. Dress: Our therapists are dressed in workout attire so as to be ready to move with you throughout your customized sessions.

4. Smoothie: We provide a nutritious smoothie at the end of each session. We believe in order for a person to become the best version of themselves, they must focus on mental health along with nutrition and fitness.