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Depression and anxiety are at their highest recorded levels due to such factors as increasingly poor diets, focus on money and image, and lack of exercise. At 515 Fitness our innovative, patented approach is proving that professional counseling alongside physical fitness directly effects the brain in many positive ways to help alleviate those symptoms. Our unique sessions are proving that self-awareness, emotional awareness and other positive therapy outcomes can become heightened during exercise due to increased blood flow to the brain. Some studies even suggest regular exercise along with talk therapy works as well as medication to reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression and can even possibly eliminate those issues altogether guiding an individual to maximum mind and body wellness.


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Clinical Depression by Amount of Daily Exercise


This study found that exercise was particularly beneficial for mental health. The left side of the graph represents the number of people, within this study, suffering from depression. As displayed above the bottom of the graph shows the number of minutes of exercise per day. The graph shows that the more a person exercises the less depression they have. Depression rates were 35% lower in those who got the most exercise compared with people who didn’t exercise. The pace of exercise was also important. Those who walked more than 3 miles per hour had the least depression.  

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