Q & A with Angelina

I could not go a day without…

  1. Talking to my mom

  2. Seeing my dog

  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee

My favorite meal:

The best meal I have ever had is handmade gnocchi that my grandmother had made for me growing up

Words I live by:

“Live to experience,” that's my motto. 

Quote would be Edgar Allan Poe's ...“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Angelina rotar, LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR, of 515 Fitness Inc.

Angelina has a bachelors in psychology and a masters in clinical mental health counseling and obtained her LPC for the state of Illinois. She’s worked in community mental health with children, adolescents and adults from various backgrounds and various mental health issues. She is an open minded person and loves to continuously learn and experience life in different ways.